“The plant-based food industry should be part of the solution but right now it’s part of the problem, with highly intensive production methods and huge food miles racked up in the process.

That’s why we founded Plant Punk – to show the world how it should be done.”

– Dave Ahern


In 2018, award-winning innovative chef Dave made it his mission to set a new standard for the plant-based food industry. He had extensively researched meat-substitute products on the market and was shocked at some of the ingredients’ origins and the lack of research into their long- term effects on human health. This inspired him to create HONEST plant-based alternatives that were:

Dave began developing a range of products that were good for you, good for our planet, great tasting and affordable, whilst being easy for the industry to adopt. Essentially, he wanted to stick it to the big plant-based food corporates that rely on quick, lazy wins to succeed.


British actress and entrepreneur Wallis Day met Dave through a mutual friend and quickly realised they both had a passion to transform the plant-based foodscape. The Plant Punk movement was born.
Having gone vegan in 2017, primarily for animal welfare and health benefits, Wallis has never looked back: “It’s pretty scary when you look at the facts and figures. You begin to see the impact human beings are having on the environment, planet, nature, and animals over the last few decades. Once I understood that, I became hyper-aware and conscious of my actions. It’s like now you’re enlightened about the truth you can’t NOT do anything about it”.

Wallis’s belief in the power of a natural, plant-based diet ensures our recipes remain 100% natural and plant-based, with absolutely zero artificial ingredients.

Wallis Day